Medical Instruments

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We represent to you our valued clients and global health practitioners that these Precision Instruments – some 14,000 in our total line of surgical and dental instruments – are of the highest quality and guaranteed.


The manufacturing process begins with the receipt of raw materials, typically in the form of billets or slugs. We use surgical grade German Stainless Steel with the majority of the raw materials sourced from Japan. The slugs are heated and placed in the mold and then compressed into the specified shape, which is called “drop forging”. A new mold is created per instrument after production of 800 – 1,000 units. Our skilled craftsmen, with great precision, hand craft all our instruments in an ISO 9001-2000 approved facility, under one roof. These instruments are then filed by hand, one at a time. Then they are de-burred. All tools are ”passivated” – a chemical process that removes foreign trace elements and creates a protective coating that prevents rust on stainless steel. Each is then individually polished with rouge from Germany. They are subsequently put through an ultra-sonic process for further sterilization and then packed in individual zip-lock bags. Part numbers are back-stamped for identification.


We have carefully selected around 14,000 of the most commonly used instruments with existing molds for about 10,000. If you don’t find what you need, please provide us with a sample, a sketch or comparable product reference # and we can and will produce a counter sample for you!

Precision Instruments sells to major distributors such as Medline, which sells under the name Konig. We also sell to Aesculap, Codman and Muller.

We have two carefully developed lines for you to choose from:

1) Our PREMIUM® line instruments are O.R. grade for all surgical needs that come in Satin Finish
2) Our VALUE-LINE® instruments are best utilized by nurses, physician’s assistants and general hospital use that come in Mirror Finish.